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This Absolute Vantage 15 Day Kenya Safari Package lets you experience Kenya’s Capital City, Nairobi in 3 days with visits to the Giraffe Centre, an 11AM pre-booked visit at the Nairobi Sheldrick Elephant Nursery before heading out to Meru in northern Kenya for a 3 nights stay to be followed by a 4 night stay in Elephant Bedroom Camp in Samburu Game reserve. Both Elsa's kopje and Elephant Bedroom Camp are in te Northern Part of Kenya which has specific unique wildlife species that you will not encounter in the next part of your main safari for instance the reticulated giraffes, beisa oryx, grevy’s zebra, somali ostrich and the gerenuk > Animals dubbed the “Special Five”. We then take you to one of the world’s famous Game reserves – Maasai Mara home of the Great Wildebeest Migration where we host you at the Entim Mara Camp for 4 nights. You will delight in the contrasting scenery, spectacular wildlife and the civilized charms of this great land, the people and their economy in these areas as well as enjoy various activities such as wildlife viewing, relaxing sundowners, and camp/lodge explorer. Getting to these locations is by scheduled light aircrafts and 4WD safari vehicles. You will be guided by the knowledgeable local guides found in your respective camps and a dedicated Absolute Vantage Safari guide will be with you in Nairobi.

  • Date: 06/17/2023 08:45 PM - 07/01/2023 09:00 PM
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